Annika Linke


I investigate how the brain encodes auditory information in healthy adults (see here) and as a way to assess brain function in neonates and infants during healthy development and as a predictor of outcome after perinatal brain injury. There are unique challenges associated with using fMRI in young infants and children. I therefore have a great interest in implementing and evaluating fMRI sequences that reduce scanner noise and improve signal strength in the presence of motion, in using high-resolution fMRI, and in multivariate analysis methods such as MVPA.

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I studied Cognitive Psychology at Jacobs University Bremen (Germany, B.A. 2008) and completed my PhD in Cognitive Neuroscience at the MRC Cognition and Brain Sciences Unit, University of Cambridge in 2011.

I have been a Postdoctoral Fellow at the Brain and Mind Institute, Western University, since August 2011.


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Key Publications

Linke, A. C., & Cusack, R. (in press).  Flexible information coding in human auditory cortex during perception, imagery, and short-term memory of complex sounds. Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience. 

Cusack, R., & Linke, A.C. (in press). Neuroimaging of the mind’s ear using representational similarity analysis. Attention & Performance.

Cusack, R., Vicente-Grabovetsky, A., Mitchell, D.J., Wild, C.J., Auer, T., Linke, A.C. Peelle, J.E. (in press) Automatic analysis: efficient neuroimaging workflows and parallel processing using Matlab and XML, Frontiers in Neuroinformatics.

Cusack, R., Wild, C., Linke, A.C., Arichi, T., Lee, D.S.C., Han, V.K. (in press). Optimizing stimulation and analysis protocols for neonatal fMRI. Plos ONE.

Linke, A. C. , Vicente-Grabovetsky, A. , Cusack, R. (2011). Stimulus-specific suppression preserves information in auditory short-term memory. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 108(31). pubmed

Linke, A. C. , Vicente-Grabovetsky, A. , Mitchell, D. J. , Cusack, R. (2011). Encoding strategy accounts for individual differences in change detection measures of VSTM. Neuropsychologia. pubmedpdf

Recent Conference Abstracts

Linke, A.C., Wild, C., Zubiaurre-Elorza, L., Herzmann, C., Duffy, H., Lee, D., Han, V., & Cusack, R. “Optimizing fMRI for assessing auditory brain function in neonates”. Invited Talk. Pediatric Research Day, London, Canada, 2014. 

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Linke, A., & Cusack, R. “Assessing Tonotopy in Human Audition during a Change Detection Task – A Multi-Voxel Pattern Analysis Approach.” Association for Research in Otolaryngology MidWinter Meeting, Los Angeles, 2010.